Top 5 World's Best Captains (Golden Run)

What is RobZ: pirate ships in the Bay?

RobZ : pirate ships in the Bay, or RobZ for short, is our second game: a 2D top-down action-adventure battelship game where you play as a captain of the seven seas, trying to gain fame and reputation through sinking ennemy ships and scuttling merchant ships.

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You wil be able to explore several environments and discover the inahbitants and… who knows? You may be able to interact with them.

RobZ has several solo and multiplayer modes:

  • Golden Run: the main solo mode, where the player tries to get the best score possible by boarding as many merchant ships as possible
  • Challenge: a solo mode where the player tries to survive as long as possible
  • Free For All (FFA): a multiplayer mode where the objective is to kill a certain number of ships
  • Online Golden Run: a multiplayer mode, similar to the solo Golden Run
  • Team Deathmatch (TDM): a team match where the objective is to reduce the ennemies’ fleet to 0


Download the game for free (Linux/Windows)