What is 2048?

2048 is a puzzle-type game. It has been created by an italian game developper called Gabriele Cirulli and published online as a free and open-source software in March 2014.

The game is very simple: you have to move around tiles on a grid, to fuse same values tiles and create tiles with a higher number, and the goal is to create a tile with the number 2048. Two tiles with a 2 will fuse in a 4, two tiles with a 4 will become a 8, etc… However, there are modes where the player can continue to play after the 2048 objective to try and make the best score possible.

Since its creation, the game has been adapted in many ways, and on many supports.


In this case, what could set this version apart from the others and make people want to play it?

First of all, two modes are present in this game, a “Time Trial” mode, in which the player must get as quickly as possible to the 2048 tile, as well as an “Endless” mode, in which the player must get as far as possible and make the best score possible.

These two modes have a leaderboard in which players can see not only the best scores, but also the scores around them, to see where they stand in relation to the best scores.